Our approach to Childcare Management ensures the delivery of optimum results through direct and practical support. Limelight Management Group will implement business management strategies that focus on increasing quality and productivity whilst establishing interpersonal influence to ensure that organisational goals are accomplished.

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Our training is designed to benefit a range of learners, whether the aim is to be compliant with legislation, to provide and improve the quality of education and care through increased knowledge and better practices, or to build on an existing quality reputation.

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We pride ourselves on providing professional and effective advisory services and solutions, designed to boost your business, be it a small or large organisation. Our childcare consultant specialists will design tailored solutions specifically matched to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve your dreams of success.

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We are a childcare management company that projects visionary leadership by delivering a tailored approach to childcare consultancy and management services.

Our strategic approach to meeting your childcare consultancy needs

We are abreast of trends in the political, social and economic arena and think strategically about change and improvement. We consider the broader issues and future developments of an organisation and look towards opportunities for change. We are a proactive and results orientated company.

Having an extensive work history within both the Department of Education and Training and the Early Childhood sector, we are in the position to offer policy-informed consulting that benefits the education and development of children everywhere.

Our wide range of services include both management and childcare consultancy:

  • Financial and administrative services
  • Implementation of technological systems
  • Payroll services
  • Implementation of policies and procedures
  • Embedding processes and practices that reflect the national quality standards and supports compliance
  • Human resource support and conducting professional development sessions
  • Advertising your centre and positioning you in the marketplace

Our attention to quality and compliance is unparalleled in the child care management industry

With a friendly and open attitude, our child care consultants can meet your business needs and help you to achieve your goals. We believe in working closely with our clients, creating lasting collaborative relationships as a conduit for providing the best advice and achieving the best possible outcomes that suit you, your business and employees.

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Read more about our specialised services, Child care Management, Consultancy and Training, and explore our website as an introduction to our business.

Should you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact our childcare consultants. Our management and consultancy team will work to optimise the sustainability and growth of your business through the embedding of continuous improvement into your day to day business activities.

The childcare industry is a multifaceted industry which over the years has proven to be ever-evolving. Since the introduction of the National Quality Standards, we have sought to improve the quality of our service offered to our children and families.

Since the engagement of Limelight Management Group we have been pleased with the improvements that they have made to our service. Their team developed and implemented strategies that enhanced the profitability and viability of our service by maximising turnover and minimising expenditure at the service. Their experience and understanding of the legislation and the National Quality Standards is second to none ensuring that all recommendations ensure compliance and consistency with best practice.

Their energy, personality, enthusiasm, and professionalism created the perfect combination to successfully showcase our service through assessment and rating. Their tailored approach effectively injected motivation, creativity, dedication and enthusiasm within our educators, increasing overall productivity.

The team at Limelight Management Group continue to meet and exceed our expectations. 

Debbie D - Nominated Supervisor