We pride ourselves on providing professional and effective advisory services and solutions, designed to boost your business, be it a small or large organisation. Our childcare consultant specialists will design tailored solutions specifically matched to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve your dreams of success.

Compliance with National childcare legislation

Our childcare consultant specialists will visit your service and undertake an extensive Compliance Audit to identify non-compliance with legislative requirements. We will then work with the service to implement strategies that ensure a focus on establishing and maintaining a consistent approach to compliance.

We can also provide advice and support in the preparation of compliance responses to the Regulatory Authority.

Assessment and rating consultancy support for the whole childcare industry

Our child care consultant specialists can work with your service and educators to:

  • facilitate a thorough self-assessment of the service and its practices;
  • provide training and support for individual quality areas;
  • support the development of a reflective quality improvement plan, that identifies the service’s strengths as well as key areas for improvement;
  • support preparation for the assessment and rating visit, and
  • understand your draft report and provide feedback, including what evidence to supply.

Child Care Consultancy for Brisbane, the Gold Coast, throughout Queensland and Australia

Our child care consultants provide stellar management and comprehensive advice that is unparalleled in other consultancy companies. All of our solutions are designed to suit the wider regulatory system, to provide you with robust solutions, every single time.   

For more information about our child care consultancy services, contact us. Gold Coast…. Queensland…or nationwide!

Our childcare consultants can help you take your business in a new direction, into new markets, improving processes, streamlining workflows and increasing revenue and profitability.

As your dedicated partner, our childcare consultancy team is looking forward to assisting you in achieving greater results with your business. Speak to us today to find out more.


I was very satisfied with the support and expertise offered to us. Rebecca and Karen provided us with a wealth of expertise and support. We feel like we now have real direction to establish and implement goals that will improve our practice. The recommendations provided were clear, concise and achievable. Their approach was sensitive to our context and needs and has motivated us to continue our journey for quality improvement. 

Maree K - Business Manager