Our approach to Childcare Management ensures the delivery of optimum results through direct and practical support. Limelight Management Group will implement business management strategies that focus on increasing quality and productivity whilst establishing interpersonal influence to ensure that organisational goals are accomplished.

Childcare Management throughout Australia, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Queensland

Limelight Management Group embeds effective business and management practices to ensure your service remains viable and profitable within a competitive sector. Organisational factors such as size, structure and resources contribute to outcomes but are also highly influenced by the entrepreneurial orientation of the management team.

We are comprised of a group of highly trained industry consultants who pride themselves on delivering a professional personalised service through expert advice and solutions. With expert consultants having worked with the Department of Education and Training, our professionals are ready to provide you with unparalleled management for your childcare centre. Our consultancy services span from Queensland right throughout Australia with our specialists fluent in nationwide policies and state specific legislation.

Our key components of Childcare Management

We go deep into every aspect of your business to provide unrivalled high quality business solutions that explore the emerging opportunities and areas for growth. To better understand your business strategy and imperatives, we form strong relationships and foster true collaboration. We care about your success, so we assemble the right management team to work with you and develop innovative solutions to address the challenges within your childcare centre.

  • Administrative and financial services 
  • Implementation of the latest innovative information technology systems
  • Payroll services
  • Policies and procedures
  • Embedding processes and practices that reflect the national quality standards
  • Establishing and maintaining compliance
  • Human resources
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Co-ordination of maintenance
  • Professional development

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Our highly regarded childcare management consultants understand the challenges and developments occurring in the childcare industry and are able to balance the current issues with the broader factors that may influence your outcomes. Each day, using this understanding, we will demonstrate to you the value we bring to our relationship.

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Our Management services include a highly trained designated Training Consultant who tailors and delivers professional development in accordance with the National Quality Standards, allowing you to claim against the LDCPDP funding.